Scientific Launch of the viazi system

On the 16th of September 2020 this week on Wednesday, four nations from the East African region, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda came together virtually and physically to witness the launch of the Viazi Vitamu mobile and web application for sweet potatoes growers in the region which was developed under the ICOPSEA project to enable farmers have access to quality seeds and increase the quality of there out put.

The virtual meet up

With the app just a click away, a sweet potato farmer can do so much. A farmer can buy quality vines and roots that have been grown by experts in the field , register to become a certified sweet potato grower, merchant by the ministry, have their garden inspected and certified by the ministry of agriculture from the four countries, share the problems that they are facing in the garden, read news of what is going on in the world of sweet potato growers, down load publications and so many other things.
We look forward to working with sweet potatoes farmer in the whole region .

The application is available on the google play store from and this can be downloaded on any phone with android operating system and the dashboard on

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