Rukundo Placide (PhD)

Project Lead-Rwanda

Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB)


Dr. Placide Rukundo (PhD) is the Leader of Roots and Tubers Research and Technology Transfer Program of Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB) since August 2017, following a thirteen year-period as the scientist in the biotechnology program in one of three institutions merged to form RAB, namely “Institut des Sciences Agronomiques du Rwanda (ISAR)”. Currently, he is coordinating the research and extension activities aiming at availing new varieties, innovations in agronomic practices, diseases and pests control, post-harvest handling, and clean seeds of roots and tubers crops. Dr. Placide Rukundo holds a PhD in Plant Breeding from the African Center of Crop Improvement (ACCI) of University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa; an MSc. in Molecular Biology, from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KUL), Belgium; and BSc. in Biotechnology from University of Rwanda, Rwanda. He is a visiting lecturer in various universities in Rwanda, and co-supervisor of MSc. and PhD students. Until now he has contributed in 29 scientific publications.